The dentures are very versatile appliances that are designed to replace any number of the missing teeth in your mouth.
Most often, placing the denture starts making sense when you need to replace more then 3 teeth. However, if the single missing tooth is located at the end of the arch then the denture can also be an option.
What is a denture? The denture is a removable appliance that replaces all the missing teeth all at once. Because of that, the cost of the denture does not depend on the number of the teeth being replaced. The word removable means that the you can remove the denture from the mouth and put it in back without dentist’s help.
Should you do that? With the exception of hybrid dentures, yes!
The dentures have to be routinely removed and maintained outside of your mouth. The health of your mouth is affected by the procedure of maintenance and the dentures are fully designed to be taken out, be brushed, scraped, rinsed and cleaned. Whereas you have to use floss, floss threaders, proxabrushes and waterpicks for your crowns and bridges, the denture gives you an ease of care!
Types of the dentures: