Many different reasons can bring the person to the dentist office. Those could vary from routine check to different problems impacting quality of the person't life such as infected teeth and gums, single or multiple missing teeth, mouth sores, bad breath, gum bleeding, inability to chew, bite or occlusion problems or/and uneven smiles. Regardless of the cause the first step that needs to be taken is for the dentist team to get to know the patient and vice verse.

The dentist will need to know what medical problems you have, what medications you are currently taking, what allergic reactions you have. This allows the dentist to keep you safe during your visit so be sure to be as much detailed as possible. Some information may be requested from your medical doctor if necessary.

After that you and your dentist will conduct an examination and develop a treatment plan. The treatment plan does not necessarily means you will need fillings or crowns or other work the same day or soon. This will rather pinpoint all the dental issues that you have and gives you an ideas how to properly fix those issues and prevent new problems from happening. During the examination the dentist may need to do an X-Ray examination in addition to the visual check to collect all information needed.

In Your Family Dentist we utilize low dose digital X-Ray technologies be it a regular small intraoral picture, panoramic X-ray or CT scan. The proper technique selection combined with latest technologies in X-Rays equipment will allow to reduce your exposure to x-rays to minimum while getting all the diagnostic information that is necessary to make a proper diagnostic procedure.

If it is appropriate the dentist may recommend to do the prophy or regular cleaning right after you examination visit. The recommended frequency of those regular cleanings vary from the patient. You will be recommended an appropriate recall schedule during your examination visit.

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