Full Dentures

Full dentures are done to restore a completely edentulous mouth or in other words when the jaw has no teeth at all.
Full dentures are made of acrylic resin which is a non-toxic polymer and have an appearance of healthy natural teeth growing from the healthy gum tissue. They are custom made to fit for each patient to accommodate for the jaw anatomy, teeth size and color and position of the teeth in the space.

  • Despite a common disbelief of dentures being a restorative mode for old people, the full denture provides a very cosmetic results. This is due to the fact that there are no space constrains of misaligned nearby teeth, or other teeth that dictate dark color. In other words, when you are wearing full denture your smile and your teeth will look exactly how you want them to be.
  • Very stable, when we are talking about upper full denture due to a suction cup effect. Lower dentures do not show the suction cup effect and require some anchors to be more stable.
  • Cost effective. Unlike fillings, crowns and bridges, you are paying for the whole denture, not for each individual tooth being replaced
  • Durable. The material of which the dentures are made is a strong wear resistant material. Expected wear life of the denture is around 10 years
  • Versatile. We can make an “immediate denture” or the denture, that you wear right after the extractions. So the patient is walking to the office with his or her own teeth, walk out with the new ones. The full denture can also be converted to an implant supported denture.


  • Require more time to get used to than the bridges or hybrid implant dentures
  • Interfere with receptors in patient’s mouth. Because the dentures rely on a large area of the jaw for their retention in the mouth, they also block some areas responsible for temperature sensitivity and taste. Your “main” taste organ – tongue – remains unaffected.
  • Needs to be replaced or re-based 7-10 years. Due to ever changing surface anatomy of the jaws, the denture may stop fitting over long period of time. While the denture will look good, it may become less stable.

The process of making the dentures calls for approximately 4 visits at which our office will take accurate molds, communicate with you the details of your smile design, will confirm the teeth setup and finally will deliver you your new teeth.